Frank recently spent a week in Oregon shooting a pilot called, RUNESTONE. Produced by Road’s End Films the story follows a group of Vikings on a epic journey that brings them to a new world.


Frank recently had the pleasure of working with Lily Tomlin on GRANDMA, a film written and directed by Paul Weitz, writer/director of  ABOUT A BOY. He also enjoyed reuniting with Judy Greer as his daughter in the film. Frank and Judy worked together on THE VILLAGE
CRIMINAL MINDS- Frank guest starred as “Richard Clayvin” on an episode of Criminal Minds titled “The Caller” airing November 27th on CBS.
Frank is among the actors and actresses who are talented and should be getting starring roles and be big names.  IMDB- 21 “Actors/Actresses Who Should Be A -Listers”.

MICKEY MATSON AND THE PIRATES CODE – Frank stars as “Admiral Joseph Ironsides,” a megalomaniacal modern day pirate bent on ruling the world. The film is suitable for kids and will have a red carpet premiere Oct 16, 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The premiere will help kick off “REAL PIRATES,” a National Geographic touring exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. http://www.grpm.org/explore/exhibits-2/future-exhibits/real-pirates/ Stay tuned for further details

MR PICKLES – A new animated series featuring “ a deviant border collie with a secret satanic streak” in a polluted old-fashioned town, created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart. Frank will be voicing the series regular roles of “Grandpa” and “Mr Bojenkins” on this animated series which will air on Adult Swim. For ADULTS ONLY.

WHAT YOU CAN BURN – A ten minute film set in the Mojave Desert. Frank plays “Harlowe,” a quirky old treasure hunter who joins forces with two young women in search of the same fortune. Stay tuned for more details.